how the offenders are courageous. they are fearless, how bravely they used to conduct misdeeds.on the other part females are equally  co accused. we know that every body wants freedom but at liberty. it is the draw back  of the at liberty. in the meanwhile accused will be in the hands of the police but victim will suffer  life long. i condemn the acts but society should learn the lesson.


now a days as we going to be knowledgeable and getting information’s  , crimes rates increased. how much secured place is unsafe.we know that the criminals are more advanced and they remain well planned so some times police, security fails but the criminals loss some clues or evidences which gives  the shortest way to search them. no doubt tomorrow they will be in the hands of the police. we want to know that what are the objects of the terrorism.whatis the benefits and who are your enemies.we are living in crisis and these incidences are very harmful for our society and nation. suffers suffer whole life. violence’s are not the solutions of any problems.

Beautifully described about HAPPINESS,we should follow one rule that we will always be happy in every state/situation /condition.a person who is in tension or in unpleasant mood  he never enjoys his food.his digestion is not remains happiness he digest best.mind and body both are reciprocally dependent and independent.if mind is ill it effects on the body and body is ill so it effects on mind.happiness is like the spring season during this period every where you will get pleasure.happiness is the mother of merits/virtues.delighted person lives long life.if you want to be happy so make your requirements lesser to less.happiness gives straight and immediate benefits.  a person who is busy in his deeds/actions  he feels mentally  happiness.a person whose eyes are filled with tears,full of sacred thoughts,soft spoken and showering the happiness with auspicious acts , people keep him happiness is the LIFE OF TONIC.

I congratulate to both MR AMBANI AND KUMAR those have decided to adopt vegetarianism in personal and professional lives. 2 years before i have written letter to reliance fresh from Pune. i was on tour there. i visited there AUNDH i have seen frozen meat , chickens etc. i shocked and was unable to control my thoughts, emotions and written a letter regarding the selling of such products. we are strictly Orthodox about  our live styles, foods, daily routine. non veges are not good for health. it is not acceptable. AMBANI JI, you will surprise  that i have not purchased any thing from your shop. although i am your valuable customer but generally avoid the visit. because i am a strict vegetarian. due to slaughtering of the animals and EXPORT OF MEAT are increased. it is a very alarming sign of the country, society and personal.i welcome the opinions of KUMAR MANGALAM that he has not done any compromise on this issue i appreciate his will power . he was  firm on this issue that no meat and wine will be served in the offices. he followed the righteous values of his fore fathers.
sir in coming Loksabha election .I WILL FIGHT THE ELECTION ON ONE ISSUE TO BAN MEAT EXPORT.FROM BHOPAL M.P. because the export of meat increased and animal kingdom is less. i am working in this field since 30 years. my only object is to establish NONVIOLENCE, ANIMAL PROTECTION AND VEGETARIANISM. I HOPE THAT I will get success, because non veges are the sources of many incurable save animals.ECONOMIC TIMES 5JANUARY 2014(why Indian inc CHICKENED OUT FROM NON VEGES MARKETS.

MR Pawar has taken good decision . he knows his future well. now contesting the election and winning is doubted. because he knows internally where are defects and how much popular he is. he knows that the chances are very mild so adopted shortest route . but he will not  loose the seat of cabinate up to the last breath of life.he earned all things wealth, name ,fame and cunning .he has a vast experiences of corruptions, management and match fixing.he always remains in the key posts on his terms. i wish for his lengthy life and richness,


THE JUDGEMENT is praiseworthy from all angels. once both are matured and qualified. they know the after effects of the sex/intercourse so it is not treated as a understanding and consents are there so that is not crime. if she has opposed and he is forcefully so may be treated as a crime.

it is a very good decision but taken too much late.being the justice he knows all effects of the case. now the post is gone but case will be he realized hid misdeeds/acts. now he is free to move any where. today he is thinking himself that character is most valuable than money and is still pending.

IT is true that the birth place of lord Krishna is jail but he was not the victim of rape. although he was born. Varma ji is a guest of the jail . he went to jail for glorious deeds. although he is very innocent about his deeds. being the spiritual person  his body acted crime but my soul is very pious and pure. soul is untouched with body and mind. MY MIND HAS GIVEN ORDER or stimulated my body to do rape, eat, wear clothes , teachings and other actions.some time i disobey the order of mind and some time i follow, some times my body wants sex so i refuse the order of mind and i do. my soul is untouched with the bad deed. i am in jail due to my mind and body actions but my soul is free from all bandages. my soul is not in prison. my body is there. body is suffering pains, insult. good name or bad name but soul is pure, pious.i have not done any thing wrong to any one. i am acknowledged  by my soul. body is a bandages of soul.i am living in this world like a lotus. i am away from the mud. soul is enjoying. through this soul my body is entertaining. i am not indulged in physical acts. i am cheering with my soul. body is a medium. through that i lead to the partner to heavenly pleasure. i have given her heavenly pleasure to her body and her soul is inmate to me. we are although two/separate but our union was one. we have enjoyed by body more and our souls were churning . we were separate by body but our souls were one. my body is getting pains but soul is set free from all illness. my body is in jail , i am near to my guru from where he is pouring blessings on my acts. he is very kind to me , due to his blessing i am able to become BHAGWAAN. every one wants to become BHAGWAAN. i did act of bhagwaan on her. it is not to be treated as a sin. due to her BHAG i was able to become BHAGWAAN. i have shown her the reality of live and due to her cooperation i was able to become BHAGWAAN i am very grateful to her that due to her and she has given an opportunity i was able to become BHAGWAAN.  it is the union of skin to skin , there is no enjoy in Krishan janm bhoomi andobtain the real seat of bhagwaan. due to such type of bhagwaan, you are behind the bars but soul wants liberation from all bandages.

in the BJP regime when CM and his associates are involved in mining so such incidences are very common. these districts are too away from the remote areas where local leaders, MLA, MP are more powerful due to the shelters of ministers and chief minister. they are looting the state and are also richest so local administrations are usually  helpless.if they interfere so chances of inquiry and transfers are also common. some times they are threatened by them. mining mafias are more powerful. they have lobby and they are dangerous and can adopt any measures against the officials. when chief of the state is looting so their supporters are authorized to do as more as is the easiest way to earn more and more. only muscle men are is the best sources of income. no investment.only man power.