Ghalib was born and grew up in this country. after he was intellectual and knowledgeable person. he drunk, eaten, played in the soil of our land. his thoughts and sources of his know ledges  would be in his surroundings . he learned and used our cultures, literature’s and lived like us. today the Muslims are not ready to accept ancient cultures and also the teachings of own religion. MAKKA GAYE MADINA GAYE BAN KAR AAYE HAZI, NA ADAT GAYI NA ILLAT GAYI RAHE PAAZI KE is not necessary to visit holy places then you become saintly but to adopt  the principles and teachings of the great men and holy books  in the own life and in the society is more important. not only GHALIB all intellectuals had /have learn t and learning good thoughts from every where,. GUN GRAHAN KA BHAV RAHE NIT, DRASHTI NA DOSHO PAR JAVE.we adopt good teachings from all holy books, all religions and all great men and give up the bad teachings of other like wise the sun takes water from the waste  and waste remains without water.we admire and learn from GHALIB ALSO.