not in present era, these issues were since long. these are the real causes of sorrow, pains, griefs.materialistic and religious and ethical values are the two opposite poles. they can not be united and and not strengthening each one. if you love money so you will be weak towards religion and religion will increase so money will less. more intentions more tensions, less intentions less tension and no intentions no true sense we are living in dual minds, we want to live in city and wants peace like village, a  villager wants to live in village and wants facilities of city. money and religion are different. for the earning  of money you have to follow sins and kashayas. although they are continuous processes of mind, words and actions. to minimize the wants and there must be true sense in present era we are  in search of unlimited wants. if we regulate our wants and they may be in limit and controlled so we will less tensions. every thing is in excess is harmful. less is also harmful because when your desire will not fulfilled so you will feel uneasiness is called disease.thee must be PURUSHARTH  1DHRAMA 2 ARTHA 3 KAAM 4 MOKSHA  SO our earning, our lust must be according to ethics (dharma) so you can get peace.