friendship ends into the begging when they remained friends so their in and out back grounds known to each other. for the sake of money, professional jealous,ego, lust and nae and fame the revenges grow and converts in to hate. hate turns in to crime means murder.accused is a wife of a reputed family and rich family. the human instincts are always same may be poor o rich, king or faquir. now she is in the grip of police and there ae more chances that she is the culprit . no doubt their relations were and are with the politicians,official, social workers and rich people. at present no body will help her.her relations are based on selfish attitudes. now it is a clandestine  nexus . at present no crime is safe. due to modern technologies criminals are not safe. later or sooner they are caught by police,now the fates of criminals are in dark and will be behind the bars. these issues cold be solved in peaceful manner .alas the revenge ends in to the jail. now the social respect will take no place. all are in vain.