really the animals are totally dependent on us. but how brutely they are killed beyond our imagination.why we are wearing such clothes  on the lives of others.they are doing heinous crimes. and indirectly if we are wearing so we are also co accused, so first of all we boycott the furs  and other related products and when we have documentary proves so we lodge the complaints against them . really these films are very horrible and wecan imagine the pains and crisis of the sufferers. how mercilessly killings, keeping in unsafe and confined state. they are tortured physically, mentally and keeping them with out water, foods and treatments. the killers have lost the humanity.if they are treated in the same way. we are unable to see the films. we have sympathies but how to control such atrocities and anarchism.we are showing our helplessness. the killers are above the law, above the humanity. these acts should be stopped and give them an opportunity to live in a ideal, gentle and honorable, respectable manner. they are also the citizen .