IT is a good  selection done by SP. party has given an opportunity to young leader of the party. although  it is a matter of party. some one may be unpleasant  on this selection like AZAM KHAN, SHIVPAL etc  a present the party is a rising sun and clear cut majority is there so the discipline is there and followers are bound to follow the instructions of their chieftain. it is also a good sign . we are hopefu about AKHILESH to control the deterioration conditions of the state.we know that you are new and young for the post but not new and young for politics. it is a golden opportunity to you to take the post and fulfill the dreams you have seen and achieve the success in the heart of the people.we know that you have full support of party, party men and will hope that central  will support you. we know that the condition of the state is like a widow and pregnant. so you will enjoy the bankrupt state and generate the revenues and development of the sick state.we are also know that the state was run by criminals, corrupt politicians and officials, business man and gangsters. there are so many scams and criminal cases are pending. law and order should be maintained, we do not want LAA AND ORDER and also WE WANT CORRUPTION LESS STATE AND you may like less corruption. we are still hoping against hope. we are optimists. MULAYAM SINGH’S guidance and support  will be helpful. and your family will be involved and make sure that there is a need of honesty. the deteriorating situations of the education, health, roads and other all departments must be needed.we are hopeful for the betterment of the state. it is the beginning of your future.