this article is written on the basis of corporate office and culture. there is the most concerned to their boss, employees and company. where as in government sector all things are opposites. as i have served in state govt services all qualities are  not here so the employees get salary for service and money for work so corruptions are more . work out is poor. 1 develop every employee in govt suppress every employee.for example i passed my graduation with gold medal and topped in the university but govt had posted me in ruler area. where i can not growth my self. i killed my desires and serve there in difficult situations. no body is ready to listen . boss is always right. no minimum infrastructures are there.if raised such issues so boss is also dependent on his superiors.they have no treatment of our problems. always delayed tactics  adopted by them . they are also helpless and not interested to solve the problems those are under their control.worst employees are always saved and protected by the bosses. . no work no complaints more works    more complaints so honest are suffers and  those are doing yes man ism they are entertain g lot  in the govt organizations.and if you  will  become leader so whole life services will be in without work is a tactic  for corruptions  make objections, so you will be in trouble so will give you money and will be satisfied and will get success.they are doing for own self because in our country politicians are doing their duties in this manner.when we entered in service were very poor and after in the serving in the service they are known as richest persons of the society. in our country LAA AND ORDER (GIVE  MONEY AND TAKE SUITABLE ORDERS LEGAL OR ILLEGAL)SO in govt services  employees are getting PRIVY PURSE AND PENSIONS. IT is the magic of govt is no boss . here is bosses LIKE MINISTER, SECRETARY AND DIRECTOR (BRHMA , VISHNU MAHESH ) THEY ARE YOUR LUCK CREATOR OR DESTRUCT body can change this culture from our beloved nation INDIA.