i am unable to understand that the students are attending colleges for study, entertainment, to be a disciplined citizens, for violence,for immorality, for sexual offenses, and for criminals. to be a honest, humble and respectable citizens there are few things influence . like environment, diets and your living standards. if the students will take vegetarian diets for the foods and health that will lead them to be a good citizen. if they will take non veges, wines, eggs so their habits , nature will be criminals, and they can act heinous crimes. the study periods are very important and valuable for their future. if they will indulge in such activities so they will waste their time, money and energy. meat is not good for health. we want that during their study they work hard get maximum marks and become a good employee or employer and at last good citizen these things reflects on their minds, activities and  character,so we appeal to the VC THAT ALWAYS BE FIRM AND PROVIDE ONLY VEGETARIAN DIETS, do not come under their pressures,be honest and make an example for the nation.