we are still hopeful against hope, as we have seen during the oath ceremony the enthusiasm  was much more. it was genuine but the crowd went to the dais and undisciplined manner they occupied the dais. i am not confirm whether he will get support from the core of their hearts from AZAM KHAN AND SHIVPAL SINGH and others. because seniors will not  tolerate his presence as a  CM. their ego will hurt and they will indirectly sabotage him. AKHILESH is although energetic and experienced. he will lead the state in his imaginations. next time if he wants to remain  in the state so he must take decisions promptly. we know in the opposition and in execution there are wide ranges of differences. law and order, corruptions, developments and foremost is discipline in the party and in workers. due to workers images fall. Rome was not built in a day. it is a herculean tasks. you need cooperation’s from own party and as well as from oppositions. to respect the opinions of others. i am optimistic  but journey is long with hurdles. do not take is very serious . enjoy and learn the reality and real problems and solve them . we know that we can not satisfy to all. and we are also not for all. try best up to maximum . make a healthy atmosphere and not be guilty conscious.hoping for the best for future.