if you will continue to eat beef then you will run to the doctors and after to the grave yard.so eat more and invite the diseases of heart, cancers etc, i an not worried for your health . it is a general issue . my dear in the last you have to adopt vegetarianism. health will not permit to eat non veges.i know you are young and energetic but after some time you will be dependent on the vegetarian diet. when you were born you have taken mother’s milk not blood or flesh. still you are taking vegetables, chapati. rice how much you are beef. my advise  may be bitter but will be useful for you, your health and family.at present you are enjoying on the cast of your father’ s money and aids .when you will be the earning member and have a family than you will realize the life and responsibility. if one will kill you near and dear than how you will be enraged. to day you killing innocents for your food. it is a righteous way of life and living style. my suggestion to you to devote more time, money and energy to gaining the knowledge and become gentle man. my will run but she will go to you but your wife will come to  me positively when you will be ill and will helpless. do not argue in such way . it indicates that you are not belonging to a respectable family. and perhaps your family members are in search of sex to others . i am wholly confident that your future is not bright. i understand that you are a student of middle class marks achiever. to respect the opinions of others. your life is long and will understand the values in the life. when you will be ill no body will help you . you have to suffer and will go to grave yard alone early. so eat more and die early. long live my dear friend.