I AM HAPPY to know about the govt of MP manpasad govt is establishing first modern slaughter house in INDORE. very good one side state govt is imposing  go raksha adhiniyam  for the prevention of animals and if one will violate will get 3 years imprisonment with fines and on second side modern slaughter houses are establishing by B J P LEAD GOVT. both are different poles  and for the sake of money establishing  the slaughter houses. mind it C M and B J P PARTY  WORKERS  do not show two faces . it is not worthy task. either save the animals or free them to kill. no need of any rules and laws in our beloved state. a person who earns money on the cast of violence never remains happy and peaceful,we know for the sake of money you are expensive huge sums.it is not a ideal example. one side CM say we are the lover of RAM, KRISHNA, MAHAVEER, BUDHDHA and ready for the prevention of the animal kingdom and on other hands you are ready to kill the innocent  animals. it is a big issue so please reconsider the proposals and give up the idea , if not our fraternity will oppose  around and start hesitations.please cancel the proposal and will be honored by us . if not so no need to take ASHEERVAD from holy persons and do not go to temples and do not show your karm kand . it indicates that you are double faces and tongued  personality DOGALA . it is not ideal for you . you are a man of sensitivity.you have love to humanity and animals. you have taken the decision under pressure  so reconsider the matter and help them and give them the lease of lives. they will give you well wishes for longevity.it will effect on you directly and indirectly. if you will try to save one his well wishes will cherished you lot. at present you are powerful and capable  so execute your power and show mercy to those innocents.i am sure  and you know that meat eating is harmful for the health. it is the sources of many incurable diseases like cancer, heart, kidney and liver diseases. after consuming it man becomes violent and he conducts crimes and after he and sufferer suffers lot. and if he becomes diseased requires treatment  is expensive so directly and indirectly it effects on our economy. and man loss, money loss man power loss and ultimately national loss. so you are a man of high spirit and spiritual ideology so you will respect our views and will help those and save the lives of many many human.meat always obtained by violence, violence is not permitted in our culture and you are cultured man . you are religious and faith on love and prevention of animals. so utilize your power for the safety of man kind.