it is a good topic.once KABIR SAID if you want to search peace so you go to the market place, on crowded square and realize peace. it is easy to get peace in HIMALAYAN area where there is no disturbances so you will be there in the peace but it is not true. although you are alone there but you are fighting with your self, your family and with your foes. if not so your near and dear. with you memories. you will be not alone there. during peace the flow of thoughts rush most speedily. one goes and next is a continuous process and is endless. some one had said where is loneliness? where same mentally nature persons are there.their physics, chemistry , geography are similar, their way of approaches are common and they respect the opinions of others. when are sitting in crowed square they will be unaware of the mobs and the people. they are entertaining them selves.
like wise stillness means what is thinking? is it helpful for you?is it progressive  and advantageous for you? it is good or bad. first differentiate  that both good or bad thoughts are not necessary for you.because attachment and aversions are bad . our minds are involved in both  RAAG OR DWESH. we want first equanimity . balanced no foe no friend. all are same. we know the nature of physical balance which part will be heavy that goes to down wards and those parts are light they go to upper side and equanimity  likes every one.when we realize that part so many confusions will disappear and we will able  to be empty of our thoughts. there  is a firm theory that first we think, then say  and do the it is process. so first we decide in ourmind and then we say and do the actions.if we want to attain our goals so these 3 should be unified. they must be synchronize.if not it will impossible or difficult to attain emptiness. emptiness means to know your self and discards bad and good means it is a process of meditation.