it is a worthy decision taken by AKHILESH YADAV C M OF U P. it is also a part of diplomacy. a thief has keys of the doors of the jail. being the specialist in crimes deserves the post of crimes. no problems . when he remained in jail so he had faced the bitter experiences of the jail and he knows better what are the draw backs in the jail. how to improve the conditions of the jails. if he fails so he will be in the jail again. like wise uneducated and unqualified person must be the education minister. because more study more confusions, less study less confusion and no study no confusion. if he does some improvements so that credit will go the C M and if he fails so the responsibilities to on his wise  previously the contractors of the irrigation department will be the irrigation minister, if some one did financial  irregularities must be F M. it is not bad we want experts of the subjects and if they are MASTERS OF MASTER then no problems. CM is playing diplomacy . if some fails in his job so on the basis of his performance he will shack him easily. secondly those have supported him will be obliged by C is a collective job and in social philosophy give and take formula is adopted by the thing is wrong in politics.what is done is correct. he is not also firm his decisions. trial and error is the best practice.he is also playing a game and given opportunities to all to show your performances and if get success so come to me, if not go to out from the same entrance.there are many more chances of corruptions and irregularities in the state. if he will keep strong and closets friends and well wishers and respectable relatives they will positively  not follow the instructions of the C M . he he will press them so they will be united and will do the is clearly mentioned that do not keep strong, influential and respectable and relatives in the cabin ate. when they will be in power they will do more atrocities and  will be disobedient to his boss. if boss will oppose them so revolt will be there. opposite group will make a  lobby and try to pressurize him or revolt him .it is true that the relatives, respectable persons should not keep in the cabin ate and  strong, influential  should not be also. because they will not follow his instructions and will go against him. if he keeps his relatives in the administration  they will do the atrocities and mal administrations will be there and they will keep you  away from the naked truth and the feed back will be in his favor and revolt will be against the C M. BUT at present he is help less. he is dependent. he is not independent. because majority, group ism and relatives will create problems and he will be helpless to take actions against them. his position will be LIKE ARJUN to whom he will kill and to whom he will save,savers will be killers and killers are for the killings. so due to discipline he can hold the power, if not he will be dethroned soon.i wish for success.