writer has written the article very confidently and emphasis  the beauty of AYURVEDA. according to AYURVEDA . you can compare the universe by your body. our body it self a unique machine of the nature created by the god. and machines are made by  men, mechanics, inventions, researchers , and by trial and error. our body is totally related to nature and  its mechanism. in modern science they teach us the curative part of the treatment where as  ayurveda teaches and taught us the prevention and curative  treatment.
how beautifully described the definition of health  ‘सम दोषः समाग्नी सम धातु मलः क्रियाः , प्रसन्ने अतमानेइन्द्रिय मनः स्वस्थ्य इतभिय्ते .THE PSYCHE, THE SOUL AND BODY HAVE BEEN CONSIDERED AS THE TRIPOID OF THE LIVING.therefore normalcy of the  both psyche and body is essential for a healthy being. a man having dosas, agnis, dhatus and malas with in the normal range of the structure and functions along with the happiness of atma, indriyas and manas is known to possess  a normal health.i normal state ,the ingredients of the body ie dosas, dhatus, and malas are supposed to be in a state of equilibrium.  as soon as an imbalance in the homeostasis occurs pathological changes ensue causing pain, which may at the level of psyche or body or both. the tern vyadhi (diseases) has been defined in AYURVEDA  as a state  in which both the body and the mind are subjected to pain and misery.
DISEASE == DIS =discomfort  EASE  = EASINESS  SO discomfort in easiness  is diseases and remove/treat the discomforts is treatment
BEAUTY OF TREATMENT==.रोगस्त्य दोष वैश्यम, दोष साम्यं आरोग्यता . IF some thing is in hypo or hyper states are diseases and bring to them in normal state is treatment. some one suffers low BP or some one suffers HIGH BP are the state of diseases and to bring them in normalcy is the treatment.
DAILY ROUTINE AND SEASONAL ROUTINES if one can /will follow these practices in his live so there will be less chances of illness. but due to lack of time and mismanagement of time we are inviting so many diseases involuntarily.if you respect time, money energy and food you will be happy.  like wise the selection of medicines   differs person to person, age wise, nature wise, and immunity wise.it true that why Ayurveda medicines  are not successful in other countries atmospheres . in Ayurveda  it is clearly mentioned about the  herbs, that those herbs are useful and beneficial  for those are the residents of that  country. in the country also  some herbs not effect to the resident of hundred miles away.
Ayurveda  is not only a science of life but it the philosophy of life by which you can lead your life beautifully, artistically  and longevity.by this you can live presently pleasant and your future will be best and you belief in rebirth theory   so your new life will be ideal.