i am unable to understand some times people used to say that time is changed now. now days  youths are going, elders are not in proper way, children are respecting, vulgarism is more etc. now question before us that what is changed now . whether we are taking food from other sides, sun is rising from the east, women are delivering children . time is not changed. our approaches , our way of presentation, our luxury changed. at present all rules and regulations of the universe for  5 sins as VIOLENCE, UNTRUTH, STEALTH, LUST AND POSSESSION. are rules and IPC ARE FOR THESE CRIMES. nothing is exempted. so today still the values of nonviolence, truth,non stealth, celeb-icy and possession  are also respected and need of the hours since long. so we think about the present philosophies and they are not able to fulfill our confusions so adopt new one which should be respected by all.