what  a alarming film. really it is an addiction, it is a slow poisoning. how beautifully described the relations are breaking . this catching has crossed all limits.really it is a time consuming and teaching us immorality. all relations crossed their limits. the children are  mis using and be fooling to their parents and elders. if they are cheating to others are good but they are cheating own self. this is the precious and valuable time for study and future building but they are wasting their time, money, energy and foods in wrong directions and after effects are very serious. either they are becoming immoral or criminals , some times they are known as criminals, and inviting so many psychological and mental diseases. in this way they are ruining their lives and future will be dark. ONE EXAMPLE what ia the theory of ARCHIMEDES.  a solid thing dipped in the water to the loss of weight is equal to the removal of water. like wise A GIRL/ BOYS dips in the love so the shortage  of study  is equivalent to the obtain g of the marks in the examination.really it is the dark side of the chating. what is the remedies, at present son /daughter/ boys/ girls are well known about sex. every day they are learning. you will surprises that impotency started at the age of 25, before marriages they are sex experienced. some one are getting conceptions for the development of their body structure. in future the character,, morality and ethics will be the words of dictionary. no limitation. now a days  the boys and girls cover their faces wrap duptta. so we are unable to recognized  who is who. like wise above mentioned story due to covering of the faces one brother through the agent reaches to the hotel for sexual entertainment. when he reached there in the room the girl/ partner was his sister. when both saw each other so shocked and imagine their situation, condition, position. these are very serious and alarming sign  of individual, family, society. we have to decide and have to choose what is right or wrong.