there are no limit  of satisfaction. you can not satisfy to every one. once  YEDU had tasted the taste of corruptions and the pleasure of seat so he is unable to survive without money, seat and fame. if he will not get the CM post so he will die or do the suicide. because he is blood tasted loin.. he wants flesh in the form of money, seat and fame. he  has a lobby so by means of  strength he is mighty. he is also disobedient to his master. he has no hesitation to oppose his party chieftain.he is thick skinned person. he is not meant for services . the post of  C M is the sources of income and he is distributing to all from top to bottom fearlessly. he is so inclined for the post that he crossed all limits like respect to his party chieftain, his seniors. he like widow in early youth age wants lust and physical wants so he is wandering in the search of love.
 like wise Mamata means affection. she lost because she is not capable to share her affections to others. it is a economy get and give. she is hungry of affection, love, lust. she is like a dry well, no sources of water, new water. if there is no own source in well you can fill up the well from out side, externally the well will  be empty and it will absorb all water from out side. she is sadist. she  has lost happiness, she is always sees to other in hungry eyes. she is passing her time very painfully and in difficult way, she has ego. she can not surrender her self to others and not in position to call to other. there also no guarantee that other will follow her orders and other will not saisfied her but other may be happy to meet her. second two women can not be best friends . like congress and TMC chieftains are unable to sit , talk, laugh. because one is tasteful and other may be tasteless… god knows. that is why she pulled dinesh because he  has not taken a confidence. if he will satisfied her before…. he is now ready to satisfy her after….. . so she felt insulted.
 both have same taste. this the taste of India and water of India.  injured tigress is more dangerous and bllod tasted tiger never eats grass………