i request to the planning commission to make  a cut off of your salary and facilities, it is true that it indicates the decline of the govt. in the reg mine of AKBAR, the prices were hiked and shortages of the food grains so he opened his go downs for free distribution of grains, oils salt and essential commodities and increased the prices of luxury.present govt is just opposite to the past, how the present will popularized. all MPS, MLA MINISTERS, OFFICIALS ARE WEEPING TO RAISE THEIR SALARIES. in the 5 star hotel the cast of 1 chapati is more than 30 rupees and here they  are preaching the economy of the poverty. it indicates that  the govt is inviting revolution soon. the thief’s, dacoity, robbery, snatching, killings are increased . corruptions are still in highest. every where is unrest. this unrest will blast like volcano, and all will flee and no body will save them. povery is the source of all crimes. do not play the lives of poor. if they will arose so the revolution will start.