the medicines are manufactured under the drugs and cosmetic acts 1940 and rules 1945. without obtaining the manufacturing  license no drugs can he sold. so we can not say that they are bad medicines medicines must be effective. really we are result oriented people. we want results. patient comes to us for treatment and seeking relief, we are wholly dependent on the available medicines. now selection of medicines based on the need of the patient,  patient should be obedient to the physician, explains his illness, eagerness to be healthy and have positivity.treatment have many factors. our armament is  MEDICINES. we are fighting by means of medicines,we are the media of treatment.we must be well versed and knowledgeable to our subjects. our kindness toward patient is must. so medicines are  foremost best, reliable, standard and easily available  and also be in all forms that tablets, syrups power, caps, ointments and in other forms.