really one man is standing  on the bank of the INDIAN OCEAN  at KANYA KUMARI and looking towards the ocean says it is end of the nation and he turns and says from here INDIAN  begins. like wise Lincoin was defeated in  not only in politics but he was also failed in his family life. his wife was very arrogant / haughtily.some times he spent weekends in the other city. he used to visit link courts.he was a man of will power  and he rigorously suffered lot but he remained determined  to his objects.
on the other hand JAPANESE fought from grass root  and risen  up to the top and to day they are competing  to the mightiest  nations and surpassed the universe. still after the nuclear devastate he stood independently without the support of others. they have strong nationality. they are dedicated our own country. work is worship. and they devoted some time for the nation involuntarily.they are the examples of the man kind and history.