it is true that for enmity friendship is first. it is not wrong for the politicians . they used to say  that in our political lives so many people used to come , meet and pput their grievances .we can not overlooked them. i also agree that Ravan was  killed by  Rama due to Bhivishan. we can not over look the charges framed by Mishara against those may be right or wrong but he exposed the nakedness of the B J P . although all are politicians . politician shave no  moral, character, honesty. for their interest they  can adopt any means and measures. all are reciprocally dependent and independent. if the charges framed by him are right so there is no moral duty of M M JOSHI to conduct the PAC. because culprits are attached with him so less chances of honesty. by the money , for the money , of the money they are playing or in the politics. as TARUN says he is saintly person so what you are , you are also  a good friend of RTI activist of BHOPAL , WHO WAS KILLED . all politicians are involved in every crimes. due to power, politics their influences play a major role for their safety. we now that all are honest and all are criminals,in the field of politics, politicians are always remain criminals, chor, uchchkke, . they are the sources of all bad things. so wait and watch.