since birth and before funeral we remain naked. although we civilized but  we are marching towards uncivilized world. we should know about the see the animal kingdom they are always remains naked  and looks beautiful. it is not amazing that the nature has given us beauty. beauty lies in the eyes of beholders.
 our younger generation they are very hasty and keen interested to their exposures.they have no hesitations to be naked. nakedness is the real dress of all . in true sense we expose our beauty parts and hides ugly parts, and evry body wants to see the ugliest parts of the human beings, especially of the young girls, they are very easy for advertisement, money and the owner of the beauty parts. a time will come when we watch nude pictures or undress designed clothes. they do not require any materials, no stitching, no fashions and all want to see.who are real culprits. the society, the need, money, fashion, morality, character and attractions,we are towards going uncivilized culture.these are also the sources of crimes like rapes, etc, is there any rule or it is the freedom of expression. it is  also a part of professional ethics. what we say it vulgarism or civilization. we can not see these pictures before any on. they are showing involuntarily to the society. they do not feel shame or their family members encourage them.they are the pride of our country.