it is the fact in old time means 50 years before and more our parents were  below 20 years, wife may be hardly 15 years in the age of menarche, and tender ages  and like a unripened clay she can be molded and and their puberty they enjoyed lot and  the child bearing ages they  remained satisfy. now a day delayed marriages  and sons and daughters are  fully aware of sexes and due to early pictures the bad unnatural practices done  by both. now at the delayed marriages they have own fundamentals and sanctimonious of the sexes are  doubted. at the ealy ages the adopt masturbation and watching porn and blue films and they loss their energies early so after the marriages they are unable to satisfy each others, like wise th e impotency age is started at the age of 25 years.they are more matured in early ages. secondly wife’s do not more interferences. they are all I T professional so spent more time in offices and after returning home they require rest so the sexual lives becomes secondary and after some times it becomes priority so their mental, social, homely disputes arises so they are not mentally fit. aversion and ego generates and conflict management starts.and divorces are the easiest way.some times extra marital relations occur and women always claim the impotency of the husband. there is no limit of satisfactions, so main causes are the late  marriages,before marriages knowledge of sex,  and theory and practical experiences, extra marital  relations, and family disputes.