it is not amazing, since long when we are adulterated, chemical based fast foods,watching TV , CINEMAS INTERNATE, SEXY FILMS, PORN FILMS AND  AND EARLY MATURITY IN BOYS AND GIRLS. at present sex  is not problem , sexuality is more problems. every day we are watching porn and sex films so maturity increased in early ages  and rate of impotency increased in the ages of 25 onwards. sex problems are increased in males and abortions and IVF rate increased in college going girls.for early puberty they are getting one two month pregnancy and then abortions are their for their physical structures developments. now a days inter caste marriages and love marriages are more increased so some social problems are increased and suicidal cases and cases of absconding raised . in the field of MNC and corporate sectors they are very common, live in relationships increased and violence are more in the such families. rate of female children decreasing so male and female children ration in abnormal . there is also freedom in youth, the parents are also helpless . and premarital sexes increased. after the sexual fulfillment s frustrations arise. and conflict management starts and suicidal incidences increased and crimes like murder, and killings are increasing. they are the alarming signs in the society. it is like  incurable diseases. no treatments are available and deaths and adulterations we should adopt such measures that equality in male and females are needed but the natures rules must be followed by generations.if not the next generation will be denatured and we will weep and will not able to solve the problems.these figures are alarming for us,