if you are not a god we will make you a god. it is astonishing  and amazing that  A PERSON LIKE  NIRMALA BABA is doing all activities  under the noses of all govts, central , state and local bodies and heis trying to be fooling or cheating or treating to the people.in the mobs several officials and politicians may be there. they are unaware of his misdeeds and activities and every body is watching and also waiting for some frauds. in our country police takes actions after occurring the incidences. we are waiting for that day. when one day he will flew to abroad and with huge sums and some will be cheated by many ways. when a person whose life history is not known so it is the duty of police to investigate and disclose his life sketch. may be fraud or honest. he treating the people and taking his fees. is there ant act in income tax department that the sources of income ad he  is filing returns or not. if he is suspicious so alarm to the people . if he is honest and really a spiritual being no problems. but he is likely  a fraud and cheaters. so do not wait take actions early and disclose his details.