i agree with the author about the descriptions narrated by him about president.one story i read  a prince wanted to select the princes for marry. when he was invited by the father of the princes means king. when during the selection there were 12 similar princess were there and all were at par.it was difficult to prince who is real princes  . so he called personally each one and given some tasks to them one by one.every one passes and he had given task they performed but one had given order to her maid servants so he selected  and identified she is the princes. like wise our president was the  KITCHEN manager of the then P M .so she was always obedient to her boss. this is her nature. she became forcefully the president of the country. once she obtained the opportunity so she entertained all, she visited all countries where she desired. no problems she can be toured with her requirements. she is a president  of the poor country. secondly when her govt is in crisis  she is enjoying on the cast of our people. she is untouched with the problems of the country. being the king/ queen of the country she remained untouched with the problems.she is living like a lotus. she is self centered and only for th welfare of her families and her party.she is still known as rubber stamp of the govt. she has not taken any decisions independently. although she has no courage to take decision  without the consent of her party chieftain. she is like a puppet. she enjoyed lot and will be known as inactive president of the country. how we are bearing her expenses and still she is wandering here and there. congress party wants such idol president. several mercy appeals are pending and has no courage to take decision. she want that i will not be involved in any controversies. it is not an ideal example.we are still hope ful that congress party will reappoint you as a president. we welcome always to you.