really it is the same story in circuses, cinemas, TV serials, and some owners also. it is the pity conditions of the animals, those are benefit tings us like cows, bulls, calves, buffaloes , goats, horses, elephants , camels etc. they are treated as a friend when they are the earning members for them. they are used in rough way and tough styles . after that they  are kept in unhygienic state . ill treated and keep away from required needs like foods,  cleanliness, and treatment. after using rough and tough their strength losses, immunity deteriorates and after long term work they want to retire early but for the want of money they are keep busy up to the last breath of life. they are the citizen o four nation a nd society. they have equal right like us. but some one are treating them slaves and and doing heinous crimes. i salute to those are fighting for their causes.we want justice, if they found guilty treated them as a accused and punished them accordingly and make arrangements for their security and prevention.