time is the mightiest . a person who was well known for his terrors and his wives are facing crisis. so it teaches a lesson to us that time is the biggest teacher, now the question of OSAMA. CIA  AND ISI are be fooling to us . it is an amazing thing how a person with his family members were residing in the Pak without knowing to any one responsible  authorities.he remained there last 10 years with his families.he entertained all facilities there like water, electricity, telephones, medical, postal, daily amenities along with arms and ammunition.local body , state and central govts were unknown about him. he was so powerful personalty of the universe no body can ignore his presence. all mightiest powers were involved and Pak was unaware .it is a knowing and planned  steps taken by both countries PAK AND USA. both are well known about his activities and working. they are be fooling to the whole world. they are playing diplomacy and in search of proper time. PAK had earned huge sums from USA. and was trying to be good friend. all leaders of pak and America were known about his presence.USA wants to stay in AFGANISTAN AND IRAQ so was passing his time and was entertaining on the cast of pak. every things were known to them. he remained in safely there under the supervision of the pak govt and with the consent of America.