it is a great  threat to AMERICA by the support of I SI. govt of PAK is still under the pressures of many terrorist wings. govt is PAK is parasite of terrorists. the real govt of pak is terrorist.they are ruling the country. all politicians are under them.they are more powerful. they are carrying  arms and ammunition. they are getting from the supporting countries and supporting terrorist groups. the pak govt, courts, police, army and politicians have no power to take any adverse actions against them. they have power, money, men power and supports of all corners of the pak. and broad.they are the real power holders of the pak. all activities are conducted under the guidance   of terrorists. they are fearless and powerful. they are threatening to AMERICA OPENLY and pak is unable to take any actions against them. leaders are also their servants.they are the masters of pak.they are working openly, direly and fearlessly. they can coup the govt .all political leaders, ministers and even president are under their influence.they are upper the govt. govt is regulated by them. politicians are living on the grace of them. they have weapons, criminals, and arms and ammunition. they are real rular of the  pak. no body has dare to take any actions against them. how helpless govt is before them.