WRITER has written a article regarding the junk food. these foods are harmful and dangerous for mankind. in this fields the print and electronics medias are playing  vital roles for money . manufactures are playing emotional black mailing. they are cheating us. they are providing the contents as the wight and money both are equal. how much % they are earning profits. secondly they are pouring unethical products, i have also information that they are using pigs fats  in lays and other chips, and using pigs blood in maggies . the blood is used as a catalyst so are prepared with 2 minutes.they are committing crimes and must be punished. like wise Mecdonald and KFC they are selling non veges and treating them vegetarians. it is a criminal offense. by using these products we are engulfed by cancers, diabetes heart diseases.we are worried for next generations. they are making addictive and earning money and inviting diseases. after that once infected life long treatments are required.these products should be boycotted.