we are daily wasting time, money and energy. we are fighting since long. if we recollect the memories we have expended several thousand corers and thousand armies and people died and after that enmity is in the existence. it is the of introspection that after the partition what we achieved, losses are more and achievements are less,it is useful for us, politicians are killed up to date but soldiers and civilians are killed.we have wasted arms and ammunitions and several thousand millions were wasted and outcome zero.the earth is remained here but we have lost the men and money. politicians are playing fowl games for their benefits.we know that both govts are playing games and we are in losses. our defenses expense d  more. if we can the save the money we can eradicate the poverty, education. roads, education, health and economical sectors are far behind due to wars and defenses.to morrow the president of PAK is arriving and is paying homage to KHAWAJA at AJMER. if both leaders will desire to adopt peace process so other nations interferences will be less and we will save the money and we can utilized the fund for social causes.we are although late but well begin half done.we have lost so many things in past 65 years so we reconstruct our relationship for the countries . politicians can solve the problem . it requires  strong will powers.