na tasya pratima asti   is very true. it is beyond our imagination. it varies person o person. every one has own approach. some says i am realizing in this way and in this posture.every body say that GOD is unique. those have all the best qualities of human. we agree that they are the super natural power personalities.there are many confusing questions and the answers also. it is a hidden agenda. every one is analyzing in his way. in the beginning said na tasya pritma asti. his images are not here and any where, they are all imaginary.previously no photography was  available so artist can describe in his own way and own likings. to day we have seen THAT NARENDRA MODI is shown as KRISHNA , HE HAS BEARD. i will not accept because i have not seen the KRISHANA. it is in picture so after 50years on wards some will say the the lord Krishna was also the CM OF GUJRAT, and there will be evidential proofs . so we are facing imaginary crisis, so religion is the matter of confusions and conflicts where as philosophies are the matter of endless we should enjoy in different aspects of thE GOD IMAGINATIONS.