issues between the both countries are since 100 years . it is only a formality of the both countries . issues are like the incurable diseases, no treatment, death is the only treatment. Pak  is not interested to solve the issues . due to these issues both countries politicians are enjoying the power, defense expenses are unaccountable and   also to deviate the concentrations of the people from the main issues. due to such instability pak is taking help from CHINA , USA and other feeder disturbances are the game of benefits and welfare. no countries like to resolve  the issues. we are best brothers and worst wise present, past and future politicians are unable to solve the issue, it is a life long, generation to generation issues , it is mouth ejaculation only ,armies and citizens will suffer , leaders are in the safety zones.they are only passing time. and after some times it will be the matter of history and result will be zero.