end of the world 2012  a article is creating fear , according to JAIN philosophy  UTPAD VYYA DHOUVYRAM YUKTAM SAT ( TATVARATH SURTA 5/30)  existence,of a substance is characterized by the origination,  (production) disappearance (distribution) and permanence. so in this way nothing is destroyed . it is the transformation of the substance, these are all predictions . if this is to be happen  what we have options.nothing, so in the time of miseries we have to think only in the form equanimity  so see and should remain unattached to the external objects. when we will go alone so why should worried for the future. we should enjoy every moment in pleasant way. enjoy and be satisfied always that this is the only time we will be with the articles. where you will go. what you will do, why you are worried. so wait for the date and keep patience and maintain peace. a astrologer said  to th e king that you will die withing 7 days. 7 days passed and not die so he called to the astrologer that your prediction is wrong so politely astrologer said when you will die within 7 days like Sunday to Saturday.so nothing to worry. it is an golden opportunity to you that you do good deeds . the good deeds /religion will abode you . no body will help you. so enjoy. do not fear. do welcome and say i am ready to meet you. not tomorrow today and just i want to meet you . death is the transformation of the body soul is immortal.