article is based on scientific approaches. we are happy to know that the writer has given elaborate descriptions about the products and Mcdonald like companies are be fooling us in  sun light. they are knowingly pouring such contents in the food for taste and preservation’s. i am unable to understand that when we have all scientific data s and they are proved so why we are not prosecuting them. they are rich, political sound , in men power and money power. they are indirectly and directly building us diseased . we are so helpless that we are unable to take any legal actions against is the only ideal way to boy cott their products and we should teach to the people please do not eat. EAT MORE AND INVITE THE DISEASES OF HEART, LIVER, KIDNEY,MENTAL DISEASES ETC. LIKE WISE MCDONALD. KFC IS ALSO POURING POISON. THEY ARE THE ALARMING SIGN S FOR US. now days people are inclined many uninvited diseases. and we are suffering and paying huge sums to the physicians and we are crippled. all govts are helpless before them. due to their aggressive marketing they are playing with us with emotional, economical health and also religious points of views. we are worried for next generation those are based on fast and junk foods inviting many many incurable diseases.we should unite and make an aggressive   propaganda and exposed to the people that they are providing dangerous ingredients for health building, but they are poisonous for our health. be aware  and boycott the products and take legal actions against them and prosecute them and try to close their doors.we are waiting and worried for users. we are not using so we are safe from all i thank to the writer and please consider the  points raised by us.