LOTUS is a example of perfect sense of non-attachment.it is the beauty of lotus that it remains/growths in the mud  , the mud increases the stem of lotus increases but when the mud reduces , it does not reduce,it teaches a lesson that you are in the Samsar(world) , but live like like a lotus. it the brilliant example that live in the world but live like lotus non attachment.
to have a feeling of alone ness remaining amongst all mundane relations is AKINCHAN .really happiness is not elsewhere but within oneself in “alone ness” you are born alone and you have die alone; you are responsible for your own pleasure and pain.
by lotus we might think that when one has left all possessions, has renounced all that and he is alone, then what to think and what to reflect?then it is said thatone should meditate with the medium ofAGIN DHARAANNAA,VAAYU DHARRAANNAA, AND JAL DHAARRAANNAA. by agni dhaarraannaa , all fuel is of karmas supossed to be burnt,and by vaayu on that wind blows .with jal dhaarraannaa , entire environment becomes clean by the water.the soul becomes pure. nothing remains in it.one is perceiving only the pure nature of soul.that is I am eternal lone soul, perception and knowledge is  my nature.all other things are external and are generated as a result of alliance.so lotus teaches us how to live and enjoy own self.