आतम को हित हैं सुख , सो सुख आकुलता बिन कहिये :आकुलता शिवमान्ही न तातें , शिव्माग लाग्यो चाहिए,PEACE IN THE HEART.ALL RELIGIONS not religions they are in true sense philosophies . religion is one . religion  is scientific, logical  and rational . principles are eternal guiding mundane souls to attain purity and peace. all living beings are undergoing mundane sufferings as a result of the fruition of their karmas and fresh bondage each time.these are mostly due to our ignorance about the true nature of our self, our attachment and aversion towards sensual pleasure objects and relations. it is there fore essential that one understands correctly the cause of mundane wandering so that if one decides to take appropriate measures for emancipation of his soul , he could do so easily.
there are some many definitions of peace. peace are two types temporary and eternal.there are so many types of peace like wise getting/ achieving/ fulfilling our desires/ wants . if you get your choice meal so you get peace. if you like hot tea and served to cold so you will be in tension/ agony/ more intention, more tension, less intention less tension and no intention no tension.
expectation is the cause of sorrowfulness,they are infinite and border less so we are in search of peace through the external objects there ends are sorrowfulness. i agree with the respectable writer and hope we will try to achieve eternal peace through introspection’s..