i am unable to understand that the court, legal experts. law makers are worried. if you will not treat the causes the disease will be there. now in present scenario  the kids and menarche age is now sufficient. every moment child amusements are there. all age group are watching films, TV, porn TV, porn stars . these are the theory parts and after watching they do practicals. it is not sure now the age 18 or 16 is safe. laws are good , rules for fools.every day beside this news box “POONAM PANDEY TO BE PORN STAR” now who will not watch and want to act on that way.moral, character and ethics words are  the words of dictionary . politicians, saints, students, teachers, doctors, engg  all societies are involved in this field. no body is safe at present . records say every minute one rape  is occur on the record or out of record.sufferer faces many difficult questions in the courts, police stations,advocates and society for natural justice.we are only viewers and who suffers remain sufferer life long.