AT present  due to scientists and researches people are  much more confused.what to eat or not eat. some one is advocating about eggs, meats fishes are useful for health. some says the grains, cereals are also not so useful . so what to do or not to do. at present no body is taking measuring diets, now a days  junk foods, frozen foods and chemical based foods are more available and are using. we are doubted what to do. there are several researches one is against another. in my opinion balanced diets are more useful  and calculated meals  more confusing. i know nothing is harmful if we are taking in balanced and limited. every where manufactures and sellers are misleading the users.they are using new chemical names and their origins are  confused.some are advocating  for gelatin . so in this juncture i submission is that kindly synchronizes the researches and a make a way for the welfare of the people.we are still hopeful for the advancement of the researches but  the confusions must be subsided.