according to ayurveda excess intake of sweet substances produces diabetes obesity and dumbness.the clinical features of obesity and prodromal symptoms of diabetes mellitus suggest that MEDAAND MEDOVAHA STROTUS have undergone pathological changes.invitation of several chronic and fatal diseases are due to obesity. charak has described there are 8 types of Undesirable or Censurable persons. 1 EXCESSIVE HEIGHT (GIGANTISM)2 DWARFISM 3 EXCESSIVE HAIR FOLLICLES 4 NO HAIR FOLLICLES 5 EXCESSIVE MELANIN PIGMENTS 6ALBINISM 7 OBESITY 8 LEAN AND THIN. there are many disadvantages of obese and emaciated persons. 1 life span of obeses remains less. 2 there is no enthusiasm 3 difficulty in inter course. 4 debility 5 foul smell in the body 6execessive sweating 7heavy hungriness 8 excessive thirstiness.CAUSES OF OBESITY. 1 EXCESSIVE IN TAKE OF MEALS 2HEAVY, SWEETISH AN FATTY FOODS INTAKE 3 NO EXERCISES 4 NO INTERCOURSE 5 DAY TIME SLEEP 6 BE HAPPY ALWAYS, NO ANXIETY 7 NO TENSIONS 8 HEREDITARY  NATURES. Obesity is condition in which there is excessive amount of body fat( medicine by Price) causes of fat deposits 1 ACQUIRED  some species are in nature obese like DUTCH, SOUTH GERMANY INDIANS, LANKANS  AND AFRICANS   2SECONDARY CAUSES – females are more inclined than males. 2 it occur in any age group but above 40 is very common. MAJOR CAUSES thyroid  glands are in active . secretions  of pituitary glands , supra renal gland  and testes  are not proper. generally fat deposits on hips, breasts, abdominal   Treatment of obese is more difficult and tedious.