DR MITTAL IS  A VERY GENEROUS . he is a man of money. he has a full faith on LAA AND ORDER.He is a man of many high qualities. he is amerciless, thick skinned personality. he loves money and his family. he isa blind follower of his beloved wife. she used to commend on her,he is unable to deviate her rules.he is a man of illness, so he takes medicine . HEIS A FOND OF AYURVEDA SO HE TAKES ‘NARDIYA LAXMI VILAS RAS ‘ so every time he plays politics in the office and so called NARADIYA. HE LOVE ONLY MONEY. MONEY IS HIS TONIC SO HE TAKES LAXMI VILAS RAS FOR HEALTH BUILDING.he is very honest in corruptions. he acts like PIG, because pig eats dirtiest material but want alone. he has not shared his income, black money, bribery to any one so he was not beloved by love in his office. he is a man of high self centered he is so honest in corruption , he takes money directly.he has no faith on others. so wehope he will enjoy homely with his wife in jail. in this age company is must.