n our ancient science of life ie AYURVEDA  has elaborately  explained the life style of pregnant and the effects of her activities, thought, actions , words and visions on the fetus. in true sense during that time the mother is called DO HRIADYA (TWO HEARTS) . SO DURING THAT TIME  THE MOTHER ‘s effects on her child. if she watches religious, bravery  scenes and voices so if reflects on the child.  but now a days  during the conception  when she conceived  she or her husband tries to kill the child. if he or she saved so onwards life tries to kill or humiliates his parents.it present mother does not follow the ideal life styles so suffers more and now a  days congenital diseases are  more prevalent and  husband and wife prefer C SECTION OPERATION nad nursing homes are laying emotional black mailing . if still today we follow the ethical values there are more chances of normal deliveries. CHARAK had given detailed descriptions . i can write and but i want to say in short to keep positive attitudes and keep healthy mind, body and emotional and spiritual  status fit. do follow the instructions of your doctors but follow the our father and mother’s experience, they are more helpful. what to do, eat, daily routine should follow. it will lead you happy delivery and peaceful  life. i can write many pages on this subject but  no body likes now a  days because preaching is not acceptable to new generations. Ayurveda teachings are safe and teaches a healthy life styles.