how you can establish nonviolence in the universe. it is an imaginary , hallucination.  humanity is disappeared.we are eating what?what is the fate of universe, individual, society. all indicates that these countries are not humanity based . they are killers. they are the black spot of the culture, humanity, religion. how we are helpless? why we are taking such unwanted things. we should boycott. one side we are talking about peace, non violence, humanity and on other side their faces are so dark that we can not tolerate and we are now helpless. now the nature will take revenge. ultimately GOD will help us. abortions are  very common. it is very imagine , one side you will sell sex stimulants so abortions rate will increase. both are opposite polls.we are encouraging sex and other side we are disclaiming the  abortions are wrong, unethical.let us think over. if this will not stopped so we will be used as a medicines.