it is an alarming sign. since independence to up to date we are achieving the targets. but still efforts are more needed. it is not surprising that G O I is only willing to establish the allopathy doctors in the mainstream of the national health problems. although the other systems of medical sciences like AYURVEDA, HOMEOPATHY, UNANI, SIDHDHA, AND NATUROPATHY are not playing satisfactory roles in the health schemes of our country. we know that at present these pathies are not playing active roles for the health program mes of the nation. in true sense they have no proper education infrastructures, no quality standard, no quality medicines, no qualified doctors and paramedical staffs. they are also least interested in the national program mes. there are several factors in this regards . first mostly dispensaries are situated in micro and villages.there are no buildings, no residential accommodations. no minimum infrastructures are so they do not reside on their head quarters. the qualities of medicines not purchased by the competent authorities.some where clandestine nexus is there so satisfactory results are not obtained by physicians. medicines are the arms/weapons of the doctors. so it is much humble request to the GO I tobring other pathies in the main stream of the national policy. on other sides allopathies doctors are not doing their duties honestly as supposed by govts. they are the main and pricipal sources of the execution of the national health policy so they are doing many many irregularities and more corruptions. it is not a hidden agenda , in NRHM the huge funds were given to the competent authorities, how much they mis used and the real goals of the govts arenot fulfilled. i know the execution will be executed by the concerned department. if they are not doing their duties honestly so people rae the sufferers and the achievements of the govt will be zero. now the question is one side shortages of doctors and para medical staffs, secondly tneglected other pathies, so upgrade them like allopathies and involved them in equal status as a partners.some times the allopathes treat them step brothers or unwanted children. we know they are notequal to them but the allopathes are also not fully competent. it is not atime of allegations . we want better health care and as W H O wants we fulfill their desires.make a healthy atmosphere within the all apthies and to respect them and try to up. grade the this disparity is like state bank of INDIA and rural bank. both are serving but the social status is so wide. so keep generosity to all and utilize the men power for the better health care. we know it requires sympathies and empathizes, all other pathies are not inferior to allopathies. so respect the other pathies and to invite them for the main stream of the national health respect and utilizes the men power those are also qualified and if we trained them so they will be eligible for national health program mes.