it is true that MAYA WATI had not done any corruptions/scams. i also agree that she was innocent. still she does no know what happened during her tenure. because she was intoxicated and was busy to collect the money. she was busy for the security of money. she was busy for own security. she remained secured but her self was not secured. she enjoyed in her palace like house. it was the beauty of her that no body was nown about her where she is , with whom she is ,how she is , she is in tour or in entertain g tours. she used every moment for the post she squeegeed the money like lemon. she had obliged many and also whom she was obliged and who were obliged her. these scams investigations will take years to gather, may be up to next election. YADAV may notbe there and probably she will come then all inquiries will be settled .and after some times present CM’S scams will  begin so he will be in defense. it is a long, endless journey. she enjoyed lot up to her o esophagus, and her digestive power is strong . she is able to digest elephants, cements, iron and lands . money is for her secondary. investigation process are so  lengthy so every politicians have power to save . they are fearless and shameful creatures of the society. they never die. they are like amoeba, they multiply and always remain safe,   no effects of medicines. always enjoy. so we will see and will get the output of the inquiries.