death is inevitable. we should know about the opposite word of death is life. what is life. life is a span of birth to death.i am not talking about age. now what is life, according to AYURVEDA  the life is the combination of body soul , mind and five sense eg earth, water, fire, ether, space .so we should know about health. health is state in which  a person feels physical, mental,economical social and spiritual well being ness. but according to AYURVEDA THE DEFINITION IS  DEEP and penetrating. not only ur physical physiology ie metabolism, catabolism and anabolism are in balance state but your mind five sense and mind must  be in equanimity.death is not the end oglife. it is the beginning of new life. during the death  concerned carries his own deeds those may be good or bad. death should be treated as a celebration. not a matter of sorrow. for celebration it requires practice. practice makes  man perfect. i have seen so many people begging for their deaths where as some one goes like a pain. so in my opinion when some takes birth that time his stars predicts his life will be happy or painful . like wise death also indicates his life span was good or bad. so always be ready to meet with death. death is certain. but where, when how no body knows.