article is informative and for the prevention of many diseases/already the writer has mentioned the uses of olive oil and   why at present diabetes, heart diseases, obesity and other incurable diseases are increasing more,. we know the due to the aggressive marketing of the fast foods, KFC, McDONALD cultures are acquired more markets and they are pouring many unwanted and unethical products those are chemical based and inviting many hazardous diseases. it is a matter of great concerned we are adopting western cultures / styles and inviting diseases. we are paying huge sums for treatments, and we are emotionally killed by them . we are not  awakened and blindly following the unwanted culture and knowingly engulfing the diseases. what we are eating and they are pouring god only knows. every day we are reading/ watching adulterations are there. we areHELPLESS.govts are unable to control the adulterations. so we avoid to take these harmful products.