i want to narrate my own story. we are 4 brothers . in 4 brothers 10 daughters and one son only. we were operated involuntarily  and now we are happy. out of 10 daughters 8 are married and all are enjoying in best conditions compare to our own houses. being a physician one daughter is there. she is amarried. she did MCAand worked in H C L TECHNOLOGY, NOIDA. at present she is serving in STATE BANK OF INDIA PUNE with her husband who is I T. ONE CUTE HER DAUGHTER. myself and my wife never talked about the issue and never victimized me for male child, we have provided best facilities to my daughter and married and enjoying her life honestly and with proud. SHE  IS A MALE CHILD FOR ME. during my bye pass surgery she was the first who donated blood for me. i skilled her . she drives car efficiently so during the course of operation she did best for me, my family and relatives. she is always praised by all , not only in my family but also in her husband side also. her mother father in laws lo