we first know about the dysmenorrhoea . accoeding to MADHAV NIDAN  during menstrual period normally there is no any sort/ type of pain. but some one feels pelvic pains,headache, heaviness , lethargy, restlessness, irritation so it comes in this category, it also  consider about the regularity of the days, amount of bleeding, color of blood,constitution of blood flow,TREATMENT IS VARIES PERSON TO PERSON. == 1 SEEDS OD CARROT, SEEDS OF SOYA, SEEDS OF RADISH,FENUGREEK POWDER in equal quantity  and make the powder. 3 Gms with luke warm water 3 times a day . it is also known as BADHAKARI CHOORNA. 2 PHAL GHRIT and  MISHREE   with milk is also useful. 3 ASHOKARIST 10ML TWICE A DAY AFTER MEALS.  this treament must be continue at least 3 months.