although P M may be honest. i know that he is  corruption less but wants less corruptions. in true sense the corruptions have many meanings. one for self, family, relatives, friends, ministers and is true that under him how corruptions are occurring. he may be known or not known god knows only. being the chieftain of the ministers so it is the moral duties of the chieftain  to look after the matters. i know he is honest but the files are seen by him and gives approval. so how he can deny that  i am unaware of the irregularities and corruptions. medias are well known and publishing the facts and he is ignoring and and denying. he is very innocent but he is leading our country in downwards. why he is innocent. i know he is neat and clean so why he is saving/ defensing his ministers. i know he is strong then why he is showing weakness/ timidness to take the hard decision. it indicates that his subordinates are more strong than him. or they have upper hands so they are ignoring you. you are simple but the laws are complicated.  dear sir we are suffering more and more. how we people are facing crisis es every day.price hikes, crimes, corruptions and demoralization are there more. we are living in panic state. no securities. only lip sympathies are there. prices are high, non availability of products and many loop poles are there. delayed justice and increasing court cases. no response on public grievances.what is the advantages of your honesty. honesty means take decision bravely. but you are also dependent. she has a remote control and you are doing all activities under her directions. we are only watching like you. as  you are helpless and we are also helpless. every day we are dying and living. why we are alive. in every walk of life the leaders and politicians are playing dirty games. who will believe them. we have lost faith on politicians. officers are also on behalf of the ministers misusing their powers. and earning more and more. no justice for poor and big bosses are saved  by learned highly paid advocates. over all where we are going, for what we are doing, for whom we are living and where we go to survive. listen if the dissatisfaction will beyond our limits so revolt will be there. mat be NEW GANDHI WILL BORN AND we will follow him if you are neat and clean so inquire the matter and take clean chit. nothing is happened without causes. if there is a fume that means there maybe fire. we are waiting  for your honesty.